Design Work Life

September 2013

sunshine We are honored to have our "Good Morning Sunshine" project featured on the inspirational blog "Design Work Life" We are all about creating a balance between work and life through design. So thanks!

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The future of the Israeli Startup World

June 2013

sunshine It was our honor and pleasure to have been part of the faculty of IDC's prestigious Zell Entrepreneurship Program this year. We taught students in an exclusive entrepeneurship start up program how to stand out from the crowd by having a clear and consistent "Why" they do what they do. Thanks for an inspirational journey and good luck!

Here Comes The Sun

June 2013

sunshine Our Good Morning, Sunshine campaign is about to launch. The campaign is a collaborative mission between us and Simon Sinek to inspire action, optimism, courage and love worldwide. Posters and postcards will be distributed in and around the streets of Tel Aviv this July.

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ID chooses GO

October 2012

Our brand work for GO is now being featured on the fabulous Identity Designed blog. ID is a showcase and forum for those involved in the design of brand identities.

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We Love Our Job Launch

August 2012

We have officially launched our first We Love Our Job corporate fun day at the wonderful Lili and Blum center in Tel Aviv. The day’s goal is to bring harmony and love to the workplace. Thanks to all the people that helped make it happen. Check out the video.

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Our Work is Being Published

May 2012

Elemento’s identity will be featured in the Design And Design Book of the Year Volume 5 that showcases leading design work from all over the world.

Our New Website Is Getting Much Love

April 2012

Our work has once again been showcased in This time it is our very own website. We have been recognized as masters in communication design and interactive media.
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Art Fi 2012 Fine Art and Finance Conference

March 2012

We attended the Art Fi talks in Tel Aviv’s prestigious Habima Theatre where the top professionals of the global art scene gathered to gain in-depth knowledge about the art economy. Our beloved client, ArtSignet was one of the presentors. Great job team.

Art Fi 2012
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Wolda Award for Kuzi

September 2011

The Kuzi logo was recognized for its logo design at the 2010 Wolda Worldwide Logo showcase. Kuzi is an architecure and interior design firm run by Lee Kuzi. The logo’s concept was derived from the brand’s essence which focuses on structure and simplicity. 

Wolda Winners

We Love Our Job Makes Some Magic

August 2010

The We Love Our Job website was showcased in in the women who rock the design industry category. The campaign’s goal is to give businesses the chance to build proper work processes and create harmony and love in the workplace.

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Israel Design Week Chooses TES

May 2010

TES’s rebranding was chosen to be part of the Designed In Israel 4 Exhibition showcasing Israeli design excellence. Tes creates timeless leather designs available in boutique shops worldwide. The visual concept mimicks the lasting style of this timeless brand.

Designed In Israel 4 Exhibition

Feeling the Love at Israel’s Design Week

May 2010

We Love Our Job was chosen to be part of the Designed In Israel 4 Exhibition showcasing Israeli design excellence. The campaign includes a website, postcards, ads, posters and short movies documenting our collaboration with our beloved clients who helped us spread the love worldwide.

Designed In Israel 4 Exhibition
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The Words Are Spreading Digitally

May 2010

Once again, the We Love Our Job message has been spreading in the digital world. An elite interview was featured on, an online design magazine. Thanks for helping us spread the word.

NewWebPick Issue #32
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Designed In Israel 3 Exhibition

May 2009

Our quality time themed postcard series was featured in the Designed In Israel 3 Exhibit showcasing Israeli design excellence. The series interprets the daily routine through the eyes of a designer.

Designed In Israel 3 Exhibition
The movie 

Designed In Israel 2 Exhibition

May 2008

Elemento’s Think campaign was featured in the Designed In Israel 2 Exhibition that showcases Israeli design excellence.
The campaign’s message was to clarify the significance of thought in the design process.

Designed In Israel 2 Exhibition